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For the 10th anniversary of the winery, Antoine was looking for a way to mark the occasion. He met Emma, a history student at the time, at an event on Isère wines. He told her about the « old papers » that were everywhere in his family home. Together, they thought of a way to make the most of this heritage. Emma scan, classified and read all these documents in order to retrace this story, which she then decided to transcribe in the form of an exhibition.

Why an exhibition based on letters ?

These letters are based on authentic correspondence between Henry Mayoussier and his notary Emile Perrin. In the original letter, Emile Perrin replies to Mr Mayoussier, who asked him to retrace the origins of his estate.

The letters you see hanging in the winery each represent one of the three stages of the visit.

the original letter written in 1922

Step 1

The first marks of the building

What is the Cassini map ?

In 1668, France was under absolute monarchy. Louis XIV, the « Sun King », and his minister Colbert were planning major projects for the kingdom. In particular, they wanted to create a map of the whole kingdom, which did not exist. The project was given to the Cassini family.
Teams of engineers were sent to all parts of the kingdom to carry out geographical surveys and then produce the sheets that would make up the map. In our region, known at the time as the Dauphiné, this work was carried out between 1760 and 1778. It was a real technical and political feat of the time!

Step 2

From rural nobility to the local bourgeoisie

Why using notarial documents to understand the building’s history ?

As well as looking very pretty when framed, these documents enable us to trace the various owners and the function of the property over time. We learn that the Belle buildings are divided into a farm part and a residential part. Among the building’s equipment, the records mention the existence of a wine press. The wine produced at this time was not sold, but was reserved for personal consumption.

Step 3

The Mayoussier family

Where do Henry Mayoussier’s hand drawings come from?

These architectural drawings from 1903 were found in the Belle. There are many of them, and they bear witness to the long, studious days of Antoine’s great-grandfather. In fact, these drawings are exercises he did while studying at Centrale Paris, a leading French engineering school.

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