Dimanche, le printemps est arrivé au Domaine Mayoussier

Winter, time of introspection, calm and rest, gave way to energy and light.

In the vineyards, nature is slowly waking up, all around the trees are blooming, the birds are singing. On Sunday there were no buds yet – but the sap surge was there. And it is also this energy, this warmth, this light that we, human beings, produce that were palpable during this festive day organized by the Domaine Mayoussier in partnership with the National Forestry Office  and the Bird Protection League. to plant a wooded hedge.

Friends of always, friends of tomorrow, neighbors near and far, colleagues and partners, cousins, parents and children: they were all there. A big family. In bright sunshine, we planted two hedgerows that will protect our vines from the cold and the wind, and will also serve as homes for birds, bees and a thousand other small animals so useful to nature. We built a wall in the local tradition, with stones collected by young and old in the vineyards. We learned to make a birdhouse with the volunteers of the  LPO Isère . Everything about the importance of bees thanks to our friends from the Beeppy association   .

And of course, as in any family celebration, we laughed, ate and drank good wine.

Sunday we planted trees. But we have also planted seeds of happiness and humanity within us that we have each and every one carried to make them grow around us. A big thank you to everyone for being there. To work together on something beautiful, real, and at the same time so simple – helping nature to flourish. This is a wonderful way to welcome spring.

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